KeyStore Explorer Now Open Source

KeyStore Explorer (KSE), in its various guises, is a PKI desktop application project I have worked solo on since 2001. While it started as open source software it has been a closed project for most of the subsequent time. For the last year development has stalled due to a lack of motivation on my part. My concern has been that my lack of activity would lead to the whole project dying.

I am therefore happy to report that KSE is now officially open source software. The new owner Kai Kramer answered my call to arms and has been busy since late July remediating all of the impediments to open sourcing the application, completing the features I had slated for version 4.2 and adding extra functionality. The result is KSE 5.0 which is licensed under GPL Version 3.

The old KSE website has been decomissioned and now redirects to KSE’s new home at SoureForge

Release notes for 5.0 are available here. Executable downloads for the usual supported platforms are available here. Finally the highlight is the availability, for the first time since 2004, of the source code.

For my own part, I will be stepping back completely from the project to let Kai and the community take KSE forward.

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8 Comments on “KeyStore Explorer Now Open Source”

  1. Stian Says:

    That is great news Wayne! I just figured I’d check back to your site and find this post. Very good to hear KSE has a new home, and SF is a good place to be.

    Maybe even some of my “pet features” have been implemented 🙂

    Best of luck on your future projects.

    • waynedgrant Says:

      Thanks Stian.

      If your ideas haven’t been implemented yet then there is a better chance of them happening now that I’m not in the way 🙂

      • Sly Says:

        The main reason why i decided to test drive that tool was because other GUI tools seems to lack support for SAN (Subject Alternative Name) management.

        So far, i was able to add that SAN certificate extention during the process of creating a new certificate.. But the CSR will lost track of this SAN extention.. So currently there’s no way i could make use of this SAN feature with certificate signed with CA’s.

        Look to be bug !

        Is that SAN feature ever tested with CSR’s ?

        Beside that its very good !

      • waynedgrant Says:

        It’s not a bug. CSRs don’t persist v3 extensions from certificates. To include an extension in a signed certificate the signing CA must include it in the CA Reply. KSE supports this.

  2. Arnaud Says:

    Hi, I found a bug in the application when you import a certificate. The first certificate you import is ok, with the next ones the app keep using the path of the first imported certificate. COuld you check that out? Using KSE last version.



    ps : great tool!

  3. Snake22 Says:

    Hi Wayne Grant, do you can help me?
    i have keystore which was created from android AIDE. this key has 2 Entry keys this same name but in other case (moscowcrafterpk and MoscowCrafterPK). Any way to delete or rename one entry? i try your software but if i try to rename or delete one key, then second key get error..
    ps sorry for my bad english.
    if you need i can send you my key.

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