KeyStore Explorer 4.1 Proposed Features

After a nine month hiatus I am back working on a new version of KeyStore Explorer: 4.1. Included below are a list of the new features I intend to include in the release. The majority of these features were in place before my break but some have yet to be implemented. In addition the Bouncy Castle version upgrade presents some interesting challenges to the initial setup that I am still working on (i.e. how do you allow users to upgrade their security policy files without their having to get their hands dirty and when they do not have admin access by default? I have some ideas…). With the work still to be done and my usual fastitdious amount of testing ahead I cannot yet commit to even a rough release date. However, watch this space for more details including a possible beta test programme.

The Proposed Features

Double maximum RSA Key Pair Generation size from 8192 bits to 16384 bits.

Upgrade to latest Bouncy Castle version.

Support 11 new signatures algorithms for Key Pair Generation, CSR Generation and CSR Signing:

  • RIPEMD-128 with RSA.
  • RIPEMD-160 with RSA.
  • RIPEMD-256 with RSA
  • SHA-224 with RSA.
  • SHA-256 with RSA.
  • SHA-384  with RSA.
  • SHA-512 with RSA.
  • SHA-224 with DSA.
  • SHA-256 with DSA.
  • SHA-384 with DSA.
  • SHA-512 with DSA.

Configurable Trust Check settings for:

  • Import Trusted Certificate.
  • Import CA Reply.

Allow the removal of certificates from the end of a key pair entry’s certificate chain.

Make thumbprints selectable and expand choice of thumbprints (applies to Certificate Details dialog).

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One Comment on “KeyStore Explorer 4.1 Proposed Features”

  1. Pathduck Says:

    I’m just letting you know we use KSE a lot at my place of work for managing JBoss keystores. Excellent tool, the best GUI keytool, and much less headache than learning keytool which is a PITA 🙂

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