KeyStore Explorer 4.2 Proposed Features

After a not so fun time last week dealing with the ‘java.lang.IllegalStateException: no splash screen available’ bug I thought I’d post some positive KeyStore Explorer news. Specifically that I have settled on a set of features to comprise version 4.2.

They are as follows:

Secret/Symmetric key generation

Up until now I have neglected to add secret key support in KSE. However, now that even keytool supports secret keys I’m eager to catch up. From 4.2 KSE will be capable of generating 25 different types of secret key entries. This feature is already complete. See the screenshot below for a list of support algorithms.

Click to enlarge

Extended support for Key entries

Secret keys are stored in key entries within KeyStores. Key entries also support storage of lone private or public keys. Until now users of KSE have only been able to delete key entries regardless of what was stored within them. From 4.2 (where the KeyStore type allows it) key entries can be examined, unlocked, have their passwords changed, be renamed, be cut/copy/pasted and preserved when a KeyStore changes type. This feature is almost complete.

Examine CSR

Currently KSE allows CSRs to be generated and signed. In 4.2 it will also be possible to view their details.

Support more KeyStore file extensions

A basic change to support some of the rarer KeyStore file extensions in the various file dialogs (.jceks, .bks, .uber, etc).

Remember last file directory between sessions

Another basic (and self-explanatory) change.

Direct Certificate import and export from Certificate Details dialog

This feature will the direct import as a Trusted Certificate entry of any certificate from the Examine Certificate dialog. No more viewing the certificate’s PEM, exporting it and then re-importing it will be required.

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4 Comments on “KeyStore Explorer 4.2 Proposed Features”

  1. JL Says:

    Thank you, Wayne. Your hunger and excellence is an inspiration to me.

  2. Pathduck Says:

    Hey Wayne,
    sounds great, love the new features, looking forward to any beta testing if you are having it 🙂

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