Bug: java.lang.IllegalStateException: no splash screen available

Over the last few weeks I started noticing the following search term appearing in the lazgosoftware and this blog’s keyword search terms:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: no splash screen available

The search term appeared roughly once a day and seemed to suggest that some users were having an issue with KeyStore Explorer. Specifically, given the time frame of the searches, with the newly released version 4.1. However, I could not replicate the issue and none of the beta test users had come across it. Worse still, almost nobody was talking to me about it. A handful of people had reported it but only one of those was prepared to run any diagnostic commands (and that proved to be a dead-end as KeyStore Explorer suddenly started working).

After seeing the search term pop-up once again in my blog today I was getting more than a little frustrated. I knew there was an issue but had nothing to act upon. However, I spent some time this evening trying to replicate anyway. It is tricky trying to replicate an issue you have no details on it but I did manage it finally.

The error message suggested that there was an issue with the splash screen functionality. It turned out that if a user has never had a version of KeyStore Explorer installed before, has not upgraded their JCE policy files and is using Java 7 (rather than Java 6) that the following error dialog will appear after the license agreement and KeyStore Explorer will fail to start:

This explains why the beta test users never encountered the issue (they were users of previous versions) and why the one helpful user found that 4.1 suddenly started working (they subsequently installed and ran 4.0.1).

I have worked out a fix and will look to release it as soon as possible. In the meantime…


  1. Download and install KeyStore Explorer 4.0.1.
  2. Start it and accept the license agreement then close it.
  3. Now you can happily run KeyStore Explorer 4.1.
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