KeyStore Explorer 4.1 Complete – Beta Testers Required

I posted last month on the development status of KeyStore Explorer 4.1. I am now happy to report that all of the deliverables described in that post have been completed. The next step is system testing which normally takes me several weeks (sometimes months if I am short of free time). I have a large and growing spreadsheet of test cases that I work through and this is a very time consuming process. The pay-off for such thorough system testing is that I rarely receive bug reports so it is worth the effort. My aim to have a fully tested version 4.1 ready for release by the end of Q1 2012 at the latest.

Since KeyStore Explorer went freeware I have seen downloads for the tool rise to 1,500 a month. With such a potentially large user base I think that it may be viable to have a beta test programme this time around. This programme could run concurrently with my system testing and provide additional feedback and test coverage from real users.

What I need are active users of KeyStore Explorer to simply use it as they would any final released version. Such beta testers would be willing to provide me with feedback on bugs and anything about the new features that is or is not working out for them. This type of third party testing is especially important for this release because of the requirement for some users to upgrade their JRE’s crypto strength in order to use 4.1. I have tried to make this process as pain free as possible within various limitations but would really appreciate feedback on it. If the beta test programme proves to be popular I will run it for every new release.

If you are interested in trying out 4.1 early then get in touch via the Lazgo contact form supplying the following details:

  • Your name and email address
  • The subject line ‘Beta Testing’
  • In the description please provide details of the JRE version(s) and operating system(s) you will be testing
  • Which features you will be likely to utilise

I will be making a beta version available to interested users in early January.

My thanks in advance to all who help out.

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4 Comments on “KeyStore Explorer 4.1 Complete – Beta Testers Required”

  1. Stian Says:

    Signed up for beta, looking forward to checking it out.

  2. Anibal Says:

    how to download?

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